Monday, August 27, 2007

Pieces of Idaho and Texas, last seen in Baghdad…

Lost is someone to perform calculus, or water treatment, or mechanical, or parenting, or elder care, an EMT, a Fireman, a Police officer. Lost is this one who is to one - all that is cherished.

We did not expire on that field of heat – bleeding to death - gasping a last breath far from home - a suffocating smugness of mindless wholesale slaughter of what we loose every day – all of us - scooping up parts of soldiers we have enough evac and emergency tech to save – what is coming back to us, blasted up, caught in explosions.

Our casualty’s would be triple or more without the MEDEVAC system – the line of support – the network – the other 4/5ths, the backbone of what is a truer support than any stickers, flag waiving and the such.

While the 5/5ths are now caught in a senseless, relentless slaughter of the future Fireman, Police officers – the teachers and professors – mothers and fathers – all that is us in community in the good times and the bad – what happens?

Iraq is a story of Loss – the loss of sanity. The loss of borders only established since the 50s – most no older than the boozed-out sick man of Europe - an Ottoman Empire re-animated and on the move in remote places as remote as even passing satellites wont capture the dark in full daylight. Death is what happens – getting scope creep.

The sickness in Iraq should creep you out. On bearing this burden – who today are those whose shoes we are not in – we don’t feel the twinge of disbelief – a disconnect in the what, the whys and the who you donnit for. We waived a flag today. Someone else was laid beneath one. What kind of a victor are we – if what we loose are bits and pieces of our future – the infrastructure of how things get done in our society while we are entertained with the ‘Presidentials’ mouthing plans like paper mache dummies.

So much moutha-mencia - and the rest getting’ to party-it-down in the most circus-esque self staining squalor. Service from the people is the sacred trust – not the leaders request to be trusted. Rocket Platinum Steelers Bleier would say - ‘It’s to be Trustworthy’. Our Troops have carried the water, lit the torch, carried on and on beyond the scope of what lay before them.

And last, though it be true, - These Troops who did and died and became dismembered or returned home whole to love and to have a life again far form where they left many of those who stood beside them - the troops did so for the President, too!. They did so for us because in some way - service is what broadens us, strengthens us, makes us taller, widens our scope.

“…lost today - stars from Marshall Texas. Boise Idaho.” - Vic Vlog

Vic’s Prayer for those who pass this day and the next: Be still my heart this night - oh Phobos and Demos with wings upon your feet come to claim these souls this day - those who no longer wait for sleep. We now wait for the hand of hope, even crooked hope to shine beyond the loss of these now gone. Amen.

In inking the line which flows from Congressional Halls neatly in black type -It flows out of staffers and books and bills to foreign lands. The ink before it has dried, already became the rivulets of blood and back. This is the line of service as it is still written – the ’so let it be written - so let it be done part of Humanities Army - still on the march after all these years with what left to overcome or to conquer.

Can we plan to be victorious without valor : death has gotten scope creep in Baghdad – a putrid gassy green of the Nile who slew all the babies – our babies only in their twenties, without so much as having lavished on this life with all that is their promise to be, to be alive.

Where are the parades welcoming back the soldiers? Where is their thanks and praise that we mistake support as a street sign given in honor to the fallen, a sticker, some talk over coffee while blasting the government.

Where is our support of those who toe this shifting line of sand on our behalf and on command? Rights are given by those who die and are dead - by those who return to their cities and have those cities doling out jobs to special interests whose idea of democracy is jumping up and down in a public square with a megaphone - far from the blood letting fields where Morris & Willey took their last look, their last breath, their last thought on the loved ones.

Arise with hope for our troops to return safely. Retire each night with the troops in your thoughts or prayers. Do things for those who serve - do them-in private - do them in public - yet do those acts which are still as if in a shadow cast from those who serve.


Copyright 2007: utah e.sdvob Vic Vlog: Senior Analyst / Staff Writer