Monday, January 28, 2008

Service is our standard

In approaching tomorrow, approach it with humility America has within its population those who still rise each day to bare our standard for us. Though we may disagree on that task.

Service is our standard. Awake this morning knowing while you and I slept, one of our kind – America as a world citizen in the pursuit of peace and freedoms - will never awake, never returns to that which filled their collective being with love, with purpose, with joy.

The President elect announces re-launching The National Service Plan in creating a vested, true diverse ownership in the American Society. Service removes race from racism - becoming the only color whose stars and stripes run true.

Demand no less for the future. Those disavowing service are impostering lurkers among us grabbing at the mantle of power – blindly robbing the future of our collective promise. Service is our standard.

"Someone waved a flag today. Others on our behalf are being laid beneath one".

Copyright 2008: Skinny T. @ The Network
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