Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nam Duex Bien Phu (way more broken)

Who is this apologetic crowd defining for veterans their place in contract access, lining them up like the ‘money in the bank health-care doping scheme concentration camp survivors’ - under a banner of private health care?

Is there no end to the a lineup of corporate panoplies wanting to perform "Help" contracting on the medication and convalescent side of things?

Where is the wholesale arm of support back to those who went, those who return and most critically – the fact these PRIMES require economics over pills and doping regiments preparing them for the mean streets of the US where they will be, historically, Conveniently Forgotten - to join with the 400,000 homeless vets 'convelescing' on the streets from America's shallow memory?

Where is the economic impetus as payment for the deeds rendered on your behalf while fortunes were made and the value of life depreciated? Vic, after much pause, entreats this audience today: 'Will the real We the People please stand up?'

Thank god it’s at least you Casey & Olmsted. You look larger in death than ever in life before this? Why are you so much larger now, brighter, a better focus on the cost of service to humanity in the face of the shenanigans and foolery? How is it so aptly in life as in death - you defined how humans should comport themselves each day - people who exemplar something singing service out loud -- not as duty - but as routine!

What’s that you say...? Serve to make this idea of peace and freedom for humankind – something reflected in what we do, each and every day? Roger that, Captain. I read about you and what you lived for. It makes me long for that place you call Dellens - to find at once such place made on earth - so it is no longer the dream we speak, but the life each one of us may live. It should be ever more common among our kind.

Isn't this what you made your life about - what you lived for, Sir...? You are a world citizen, and Babylon 5 rocks.


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