Monday, December 24, 2007

Silent Night. Holy Night - Josef Mohr

In the meantime while America divides over the ultimate responsibility and outcome of this theatre of Operation, people like Mrs. Humes speak to the ordinary things we do with our spouses: the serenading in the shower, the playing of guitars, the good times and the warmth of having the one u love close by to hold, to cherish, to love.

Somewhere in the cross-hairs between honoring a commitment to serve your Country, your Commander in Chief and being with those we love – falls today’s men and women living up to deeply vested commitments despite the rest of the world who divide around you like a marathon runner coming into the final stretch while the crowd throngs the runner.

This engagement has been a war like no others: each operation becoming tactically more involved, demanding more, extracting more, requiring more from individuals who are the backbone of every operation. Every operation brings us closer to the brink of having more at stake as a nation.
For the Troops, their risk is infinitely more tied to the reality we only talk about in the speak-easy, the coffee-shop or in heated debate. On the micro-scale – having to patiently await what seems a small eternity for a loved one to return again into your waiting arms - if at all; waiting to hold your child asking to grow up in a world of peace and protection. From every side and within every possible imaginable family situation – it touches us all.

In approaching this Christmas Season, approach it with humility that America has within its population those who still rise each day to bare our standard for us – though we may disagree. Awake on Christmas morning knowing while you and I slept, one of our kind in the Gulf Region will never awake, never return home to that which filled their collective being with joy, with happiness, with love.

"Someone waved a flag today. Others on your behalf are being laid beneath one".


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