Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vets Punked in Federal Contracting

And too, are vets again the ‘chits’ gathered in state and federal places of legislative grunk churned out in favor of whom: in many instances, veterans appear to be at the back-a-da-bus. Even in federal contracting, veterans are pitted against other veterans based upon race and gender – as if all that is served for in this great republic is again reduced to the feel-good bubble-gum lottery breakdown of division by race and gender – whose game is it anyway? Being a Veteran takes the race out of racism, becoming the only color that runs true...

From back-deal rooms in federal contracting favoring race and gender above service as the pretext of equality – especially within the DOD’s own facilities (see December ’08 Vetrepreneur stats “2027 – The Year of the Service Disabled Veteran Business”) – to the non-compliant VA HCA’s and their contracting subordinate – it is again the expiration of a contract made with those who serve, those who return?

Victory Now. Victory Tommorrow. Victory kiss the hand of peace.


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